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Endorf Mushroom Coffee

Endorf Mushroom Coffee
Endorf Mushroom Coffee
Endorf Mushroom Coffee

Endorf coffee results from a perfect fusion between the 3rd wave micro roasting culture & groundbreaking mycology research.

Our innovative process seamlessly infuses coffee beans with the powerful medicinal properties of mushrooms sourced from our in-house laboratories.


Endorf coffee begins with an artful combination of meticulously selected beans:


60% Guatemala Bourbon beans: These beans originate from the vibrant landscapes of Antigua, grown at elevations between 1500 to 1900 meters. They present a flavour profile that provides an excellent foundation for our coffee. A washing process is applied to these beans, enhancing their clean, nuanced flavours.


40% Brazilian Catuai Rouge beans: These are sourced from the Cachoeira farm operated by acclaimed producer Danilo Barbosa, located in Brazil's Cerrado Mineiro region. At an elevation of 1100 meters, the beans are naturally processed, heightening their inherent sweetness and bold character.


Our unique blend of beans is then roasted to a dark brown shade. This meticulous process helps balance acidity and bitterness, producing a coffee that excels regardless of whether you enjoy a hand-poured filter or a robust espresso.


However, our innovative infusion of medicinal mushrooms truly differentiates Endorf coffee. Utilizing in-house laboratories, we employ a double-extraction method to derive potent polysaccharides and antioxidants from Cordyceps mushrooms. This intricate process guarantees that each cup of Endorf coffee delivers a delicious, refreshing boost while offering numerous health benefits to support an active lifestyle.


The infusion process endows our coffee beans with a slightly oily sheen, a sign of our distinct process and a testament to quality and potency. We delicately steam the beans with mushroom extract, which carries oil-soluble beneficial compounds. This mushroom-infused oil signifies the presence of essential nutrients and enriches the texture and depth of flavour in every cup of Endorf coffee. The gentle sheen on your Endorf coffee beans signals each bean's extra care, innovation, and value.


Endorf Coffee, therefore, offers an unparalleled experience of tradition and innovation, combining the rich flavours of high-quality beans with the health benefits of Cordyceps mushrooms. Our coffee provides more than just a caffeine kick; it's a lifestyle choice to promote wellness and vitality, one cup at a time.

On average, each cup contains around 500mg of medicinal mushroom.


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